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Orchid Journal International (OJI) will not collect any personal data unless given by you voluntarily – name, address, telephone number and email address. However, you will need to give some personal data when subscribing to Orchid Journal International and when submitting this data are consenting to this usage. Any and all data collected from visitors and members to this website will be kept confidential and private to Orchid Journal International.


Orchid Journal International cannot at any time be held responsible for the contents or privacy policy of websites lined on our website or in Orchid Journal International magazine.

Updates of the Policy

Orchid Journal International reserves the right to alter or completely changeits Privacy Policy at any time and will promptly post the updated policy our website.


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Orchid Journal International uses various methods to track usage of our publication and website to enable us to ascertain how to best keep and improve the website, publication and services to subscribers and viewers. Your personal data is not kept by tracking used.

Disclaimer (as used in the Australian Orchid Review)

While the proprietors of Orchid Journal International endeavour to assure the reliability of advertising and editorial, neither the proprietor of the Orchid Journal International nor the editor can assume responsibility for the opinions, advice or transaction between authors, advertisers and readers. The opinions and recommendations that may appear on this website regarding cultural techniques, and the selection and use of specific plant care products, including, but not limited to pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, are those of the individual authors and not those of the Orchid Journal International which neither adopts, nor endorses such opinions or recommendations and disclaims all responsibility for them. When selecting, and using products, readers should seek and obtain the advice of the manufacturer and responsible government departments.