The following is information on how to submit photos. Click to open each topic.


  • Articles require images. They can be the property of the author or of another photographer if permission for use has been granted.
  • For regular feature photos, we ask for a minimum image file size of no less than 3.5MB (this works out around 1280 pixels x 960 pixels at 96 resolution).
  • Cover photos and two-page spreads. Contact us if you have something in mind for a cover or two-page feature photo and we can discuss the image and sizing
  • Submitting large, high-resolution images enables our web editor to manipulate images to fit the format of the magazine more easily. A small, low-resolution image looks terrible when enlarged, but a high-resolution image can easily be made larger or smaller, yet remain clear and be optimised for publication.
  • Jpeg (jpg) or Png files are preferred.
  • If possible, please send the image uncropped as that allows the web editor to format them to the web magazines style format. If you do not wish your images to be cropped, please inform us and we will follow that instruction.
  • If you have any questions, contact us.

Sending Your Photographs

  • If sending a large number of images, we can send you our drop box address. (This is the most practical and fastest way to send large files.) Alternatively, you can post them to us on a CD, DVD or flash drive if necessary. If you need to post, please request the editor’s mail address. Hardware used to send images is posted back only if requested.
  • Images need to be clean, clear and in focus, well lit and without distractions in the image.
  • Feature photos of people that an article is about are also welcome. An example might be of you, holding a line bred plant that you have recently produced, or showing a specimen plant.
  • Please number your images clearly and note the name/information against the number so we can clearly and easily identify them for use in your article.
  • Please give important information such as the grower’s name, hybrid parentage, origin of plant, etc.
  • Several photographers: If you use other photographers, please state the various photographer’s name for each image, and which photographs were taken by you.
    Please note any awards that pertain to the plants in each image.
  • The clicking to save of images by readers is disabled on Orchid Journal International.
  • If you have any questions, contact us.

Video Content

    As Orchid Journal International is a web based publication, we are able to embed video content in submitted articles along with still images. If you have video content to go with your article, this can be forwarded by email, drop box (please ask for the address), CD, DVD, or flash drive. We highly encourage authors to use video content. Orchid Journal International asks that video content be of high resolution, clear, and if containing sound, that the sound content is audible and understandable.
    If you have any questions, contact us.

Cover Photograph

    Images to be considered for covers must be forwarded before an article is due. Anyone is welcome to submit a cover image. Images need to be vertical and high resolution. The web editor may digitally edit the image to remove any distractions and make the image ready for cover use.